Overcoming Problems – Meditation – Yoga

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 9.35.43 PMFor those who want to change.

These recognised courses have an openness that allows you to explore for yourself, are remarkably insightful and resonate on a personal level.

The classes are very easy to follow, delivered in a user-friendly style which is unique to this centre, taking the student on a journey from conceptual thought to experiential knowledge and awareness.

The classes are specifically designed for Western mind and for those who want to grow and change in themselves. They include Mindfulness, Accessible Yoga and different forms of Meditation.

Ven. Chris Ngawang Yangchen Roberts’ teachings:

Ven. Chris has been teaching since 1992. Her innovative classes have applied the understanding of mind from traditional Tibetan medicine.

She has developed different teaching styles, approaches, techniques and methods that are powerful antidotes to overcome problems.

Ven. Chris presents these unique classes with humour, understanding and compassion and answers questions in a way that is uncommonly insightful.

Learn to:

  • overcome anger, jealousy, anxiety, stress and dependencies
  • open up awareness that can lead to natural confidence, calmness and happiness
  • transform adversity
  • let go
  • overcome problems in everyday life and make better decisions
  • improve relationships, develop love, compassion and wisdom

Year 1 subjects include: 

  • Opening up awareness and learning to be mindful
  • Overcoming negative habits, cause and effect
  • Meditation
  • Overcoming destructive emotions
  • Learning from a mistake
  • Working with change
  • Making the most of your situation
  • Exploring the connection between Western culture, science, mind and Tibetan Buddhism
  • Cultural conditioning
  • Overcoming attachment and aversion and developing wisdom
  • Equanimity and relationships
  • Teacher yoga

Overcoming Problems Year 1 goes for one year, with breaks throughout the year. Classes generally run for 1.5 to 2 hours.

Once Overcoming Problems 1 is completed, students are able to go on to Overcoming Problems 2.

All classes are by donation and the centres are run by volunteers.

Overcoming Problems Program Overview

Overcoming Problems
Yoga and Meditation 1
Sydney and Townsville

Ven. Chris’s courses are presented in her unique style in a manner that is accessible to all. They are designed to bring about change and help those with problems in everyday life. The classes take interesting twists and turns, incorporating various user- friendly teaching styles and methods. 

Overcoming Problems 
Yoga and Meditation 2
Sydney and Townsville

This course continues on from Overcoming Problems and Meditation 1.

Mindfulness Training Program 

Sydney Only

The Mindfulness Training Program is hands-on training that includes mindfulness training. This program is only available to those who have finished Overcoming Problems 1 and 2. PLEASE NOTE: there are only limited positions available in this program.

Yoga Teacher Training Program
Sydney Only

AITHP is a yoga teacher training facility recognised by Yoga Australia. PLEASE NOTE: The Yoga Teacher Training Program trains Yoga Teachers to teach by donation within AITHP. This program takes a minimum of three years to complete.


Sydney and Townsville

Residential and non-residential retreats are held only for those enroled in the centres.


Sydney and Townsville

Regular drop-in meditation is available to the general public. See What’s on page