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H.E. Khejok Rinpoche at the centre

H.E. Khejok Rinpoche at the centre

Overcoming Problems – Sydney

In 1992 H.E. Khejok Rinpoche founded the Institute as a Traditional Tibetan Medical Institute; Rinpoche placed Gen Chris Yangchen in charge of the centre and asked her to teach.  In the next year he prophesied that she would develop a course for people with problems.

Why Overcoming Problems is unique

Gen-la’s teaching position required a user-friendly program, encouraging people to experience positive changes within themselves so they could heal.

Using what she had learnt through her research and the Buddhist understanding of mind, she began to develop the Overcoming Problems courses. After many years of research and compiling the courses she and the centre received high acclaim and recognition.

Given that many people were benefiting from Gen-la’s teachings and given the obstacles to bringing the medicine into Australia, Rinpoche decided to change the direction of the Institute. Rinpoche asked Gen-la to keep the Overcoming Problems classes going and cancelled the medical side of the Institute.

All OP programs are run by donation and solely by volunteers.

Shambhala Pool

The pool located in front of Karuna Cottage

Overcoming Problems – Townsville

In 1998, H.E. Khejok Rinpoche founded the Townsville centre, in Queensland.

They also run Karuna Cottage, founded by Gen-la.  It offers discounted accommodation to the disabled, ill and elderly.

The aim is to increase the discount for accommodation as finances improve, making the cottages a place for respite and healing.

2006 - Gen Chris Ngawang Yangchen founded Karuna Cottage part of Shambhala Retreat, in North Queensland. Karuna is run and owned by the North Queensland centre. It is a self-contained cottage on Magnetic Island, available for the physically disabled, ill and elderly to use for convalescence at discounted rates.

Karuna Cottage

Karuna Cottage is located on Magnetic Island.  Overcoming Problems Townsville is located in Townsville CBD.

All OP programs are run by donation and solely by volunteers.