Spiritual Director

His Eminence Khejok Tulku Rinpoche


His Eminence Khejok Tulku Rinpoche
Abbot of Dhe-Tsang Monastery, Tibet

H.E. Khejok Rinpoche held the prestigious position as Abbot of Dhe-Tsang Monastery, in Tibet.  He founded AITHP in 1992 and became the Spiritual Director at the same time.

At the age of 17, Rinpoche entered the prestigious Sera Monastic University in Lhasa, one of the three largest monastic universities in the world. Later he graduated as a Geshe (which is equivalent to a PhD) and completed a four-year closed retreat. After graduation, Rinpoche served the monastery as a resident elder, being widely respected by both the ordained and lay assemblies of Tibetans for his wisdom, compassion and practical advice. Rinpoche is also a practitioner of Traditional Tibetan Medicine.

His Eminence Khejok Tulku Rinpoche, the sixth incarnation of the renowned Khejok Lama who lived during the Fifth Dalai Lama’s time, was born in the 1930s in a part of Eastern Tibet, which is now known as Sichuan province. High scholars recognised Rinpoche at a young age as the succession holder of the Khejok Lama lineage. Subsequently, he was enthroned as the Abbot of Dhe-Tsang Monastery.

Between 1986 and 2013 Rinpoche taught in Australia, establishing a number of Buddhist education centres in Australia and overseas, including the Australian Institute of Tibetan Healing Practices (Chatswood, Sydney.)

His passing away on 11th October 2013 is an immeasurable loss.