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People attend classes at No Problems Publishing Inc. (NPP), Australian Institute of Tibetan Healing Practices Inc. (AITHP) and Tibetan Buddhist Healing Practices Inc. (TBHP) to solve everyday personal problems through the wisdom of Tibetan Healing Principles. Due to the nature of the classes, people may supply private and sensitive information that should not be discussed outside of the class environment. A safe environment is essential for supporting students in facing and addressing their problems, and the assurance that personal information that they choose to disclose is treated to maintain privacy and sensitivity. Note: NPP, AITHP or TBHP are not a mental health service. If there is a mental health issue the student themselves must seek medical advice.

I will keep all information discussed, taught, verbal or written information shared in classes whether by other members, students, NPP, AITHP and/or TBHP in the strictest confidence at all times.

In addition, I will always do the following for online classes/events and face-to-face classes/events (where applicable):

Mobile phones to be on silent for the duration of the class/event

To be on time

The chat function for classes/events on zoom will not be available unless otherwise indicated.

Comply with all Yoga Australia rules and regulations.

Make sure that only people who are enrolled are permitted to attend.

Take no screenshots or photographs of the screen.

Have a clear image of myself.

Turn off all screen or sound sharing.

No false backdrop.

Keep video turned on at all times.

Not to leave the session before its completion.

No video, audio or filming of the screen or sound are taken.

Anything seen or heard during a session is to remain confidential, and is not to be repeated in any form.

Keep confidentiality from third parties.

Keep confidentiality from one student to another.

Join the online class in a private room where others cannot hear what is being said and wear headphones if needed to              ensure privacy.

Only to use first names to protect my own privacy.

No physical contact, such as touching, hugging or kissing, when there is face-to-face contact.

Sexual behaviour or flirting of any kind will not be tolerated.

Due to the risk of breaching confidentiality, social interaction between students outside the centre is not permitted,
unless a prior relationship existed.

If I fail to meet this conduct and cause harm to another member or student, I will repay NPP and/or AITHP and/or TBHP any financial loss and costs from this error.


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I understand the organisation is run entirely by volunteers in their spare time. Therefore, some emails may not be answered or calls not returned due to time constraints. There are certain criteria for acceptance of applicants who are minors. Enrolment will not automatically guarantee a place in the course. I have completed this form truthfully and to the best of my knowledge and understanding.*